When there is true passion for music and life, there can be no boundaries. Sabrina "Brisa / Bree" Easley is that rare breed, whose love for creation creates endless possibilities for her talents, taking her to all the places her heart dreams.

A published poet, Bree began singing at the age of six, discovered her love for creative writing at the age of twelve and began producing in her mid-twenties. Driven by positive feedback and academic realization, she became increasing intent on cultivating her musical talents. Currently her portfolio includes over 100+ lyrics and compositions, and a book of poetry. “Several years ago, I discovered my mother had filed a copyright for the first song I wrote at thirteen. I was so moved because my mother never actually told me she believed in musical aspiration, since she seemed more concerned with my schooling”, she states humbly. Her mother's gesture affirmed her resilience for her passion and love for music, motivating her to continue creating.

During course of her journey, she acquired value project management, graphic and web design skills while working at some of Wall Street’s top financial institutions. This has help them to save on overhead expenses as well as helping to educating other aspiring artists along the way.

Bree is the backend of the company and the perfect complement to JQ. Together they are JQ Music Productions.

I create from a place where Luminosity and Growth
converges with Life and Lust
— Sabrina "Bree/Brisa" Easley