JQ Music Productions New Website

Welcome to the brand new facelift of JQ Music Productions Website.

Co-founders Jaime Quiles and Sabrina Easley are excited to announce the new and refreshed website is finally live! The new JQ Music site has some cool bells and whistles including:

  • Easy navigation and drop down menus. 
  • Streaming of our entire collection plus other audio goodies
  • Improved structure of our content
  • Plus there’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes

If you’d like to know more about about the founders, check out the Duo page and click on the images of Jaime Quiles and Sabrina Easley. 

In the ‘The Music’ pages, you will see our music albums library, where you can listen to our whole collection which includes our latest Album "Soul Rican" now available on all online stores including Amazon, iTunes and major retailers.

Our blog and other resources are now available, and only a single click away.

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